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Application of Agaricus Blazei Murill to small animals

1.Immune system of the dogs with agaricus

For small animals’ tumor, we are using surgical, chemical, X-rays treatment etc. But the animals’ reaction toward these treatments varies. One of the reasons should be the weak immunity of animals who own cancer. We can see deterioration of immunity in many cases, in animals with cancer. This causes saturation and multiplication of the tumors and blocks the treatment effect. By contraries, preventing deterioration of immune system of animals themselves could increase the treatment effect or self healing power toward cancer. We gave agaricus which supposed to have function to make immune system active to the dogs and apply X-ray to them, the result was deterioration of immunity system by X-rays was controlled. Following are the details.




Using healthy 8 beagles, separated into 2 groups. One group is to be agaricus given, and another group is to be compared.

Apply X-rays to both group, and did the blood test and immunity test every 4 days for 2 weeks before and after the application of X-rays. 0.1g/kg/dy agaricus was given to agaricus group from 10days before X-ray application until this experiment finished.


The group without agaricus shows the trend of slight decreasing of white blood cells quantity until 14th day, the trend of decreasing of lymph cells quantity until 11th day after X-rays application. On the other hand, the group with agaricus has no remarkable change until 14th day. This result suggests the possibility that agaricus defense the restraining of immunity because of application of X-rays.

2. Safety test of taking agaricus for continuous 28 days using dogs


Using healthy 6 beagles (3 male, 3 female), mix 1g/1kg agaricus (this quantity is 10 times of clinical tests’ quantity) into the food, once per day, for 28 days continuously. Observation check is twice per day, weight and eating quantity check is once per week, blood test and urinalysis before and 2nd and 4th week after agaricus application.


By observation check, we recognized black feces because of agaricus but no abnormality on the shape. Also we recognized normal color soft feces but this was within healthy degree. Weight, eating quantity, blood test, urinalysis did not show any change. Because of this result, it is judged that giving 1g/1kg/day agaricus continuously isn’t toxic.