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A Glimpse of Our Organic Sites

Located in suburb of Wuyishan (one of China’s preservation areas) areas gives an ideal organic environment and water source to our ABM mushroom.
The sites are partitioned naturally from the organic cultivation and the surroundings by reed.

Getting JAS and ECOCERT organic certification, using agrichemical and chemical fertilizer in growing agaricus and neighbor field is forbidden, utilizing natural water for watering.

We use designed wild grasses, instead of rice shells popularly used in China, to prepare the beds. It gives higher nutrition and eliminate chemical residue to ABM.

Fertilizer is 100% natural material and we use fermented land throughout by twice, exchange the soil of mountain with rich nutrition, high β-Glucan value can be kept.

As A. Blazei growth is affected by weather so there is only two seasons harvest each year. Harvested mushrooms are washed completely then are put into dried in a furnace. During screening, the workers are checking the dried mushroom carefully and take out the mushroom has not opened yet (non-matured mushroom) as well as the ones are opened too much, the head of mushroom likes un umbrella. (means the mushroom has been over mature period) Because the polysaccharides has already exhausted caused the nutrition value be lower so every product must be finished by checked and selected strictly, without any impurities.