Fun Fun Ball Land is a safe interactive BallPlay attraction that combines interaction with innovation, featuring interactive components that utilize air such as foam ball geysers, targets, bazooka, falling basket, tunnels and slides. This is the centerpiece attraction that promotes family interactivity with easy adult.


Using soft foam (sponge) balls provides the ultimate safe and fun play for the kids.


Integrative Installation
The structure can be adapted or integrated into any existing facility/structure.


Location Adaptability
The play components can be customized to the location’s need whether it is centered on high athletic play or high interactivity play.

Components of Kids Facilities
Ball Pool   Net Climbing  
Air Shooting Zone Item

Ball Cannon

Ball Geyser Shower

Ball Basket Fall


Vacumm& Tube Vacuum

Athletic Zone Item

Escape the Jaws Attack!

Punching Bag

Magical Mirror

Magical Mirror

Net Tunnel

Tube Slider      
Samples of Kids Facilities