Company Profile

Vaian Handbags & Accessories Company was established in 1967 in Macau and Hong Kong. Vaian Handbags also started its first handbags manufacturing plant in Macau in the same year. Over the past 40 years, Vaian has developed and diversified itself into 3 business areas: handbags & accessories manufacturing, certified organic food manufacturing, and construction.

Vaian Handbags & Accessories Co., Ltd. manufactures for OEM clients of various world renounced brand names from small leathers to large bags. Vaian Handbags has its plants in Guangdong, China.

Vaian Food Products in Macau and China Organic Food (HK) Ltd. in Hong Kong manufacture and export certified organic food produce to EU, Japan, and the U.S . These two companies are both certified to manufacture and handle organic products under ECOCERT, JAS, and NOP compliance.

Leksun Engineering & Constructions handles construction projects in Macau and Guangdong areas.